Vasireddy’s is an Indian, Hyderabad based Design House founded by Padmaja Vasireddy in the year 2018 with a vision of dynamic expansion and showcasing consistently desirable collection. Vasireddy’s magnificent journey started with our Founder’s passion for colours which enormously entrenched in her adolescence; budded from the observation of captivating beauty in nature, predominantly juxtaposes of flowers realm in countless colours. She started accumulating shred of information on blossom and herbage around her and preserve them for years in her books which consequently developed an affinity for dressmaking to live in these hue. For many, hues are to feast one’s eyes but for her, they are to something to rejoice. Patience as an emerging designer, assertiveness to start and follow through till the end result, courage to create and express, ability to choose a cohesive and complimentary colour palette, multicultural vibe, flexibility and adaptability to the market competition is what keeps her going.


Vasireddy’s likes to stand for its impeccable contemporary designs that represent fine craftsmanship with meticulous attention to detail, which balances tradition and innovation through unique and stylistic solutions. Our approach towards fashion is a reflection of amalgamation of timeless elaborated and artistic expression of sophistication and elegance. We also believe that fashion is to celebrate all body types in their own skin with confidence with the luxurious experience in world of understated opulence. We offer a segment of intriguing luxurious experience of Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter synonymous by marvellous execution of tailoring composed with fascinating exquisite embroideries, detailing and reliance on beautifully crafted fabrics with whole hearted intention of assuring contentment of customers from all approachable points.


Along with vision of being phenomenal mirror of feminity and treasury of enriched culture, our brand is also eco-conscious as our Founder is a nemophilist. Vasireddy’s has revitalize vision of cruelty-free creations and to promote craftsmanship in the best possible way. Vasireddy’s supports unshakeable thought of creating beautiful tomorrow for the planet and its people by slow fashion movement, upcycling and encourages sustainable wardrobe.

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